Valentine’s Day gifts with a CAUSE:

She is far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10

This year I wanted to double the love for Valentine’s Day. Not only give to my husband but also show love for women of domestic violence.

These items will be placed in the gift bags. I added a few more items than those listed on card attached to the bag. I made the cards on 8×11 gloss brochure paper (2 per page) and glued them to the bag.

I am currently reading The 40-Day Sugar Fast by Wendy Speake, which by the way is an awesome journey. On day 28, the chapter was titled, Feed My Sheep, which reflected on helping to meet the needs of others. After reading this chapter, I was empowered to do something. I knew I had remembered seeing a post flyer shared by a church that I follow on Facebook, Heaven Bound. I decided to partner with them in collecting items for women at a local domestic violence shelter. The timing was just right and the contact was very receptive.

The labels used for the hand sanitizers are faith stickers.

As I read the following passage from the chapter, it really made me reflect on my life and how I need to care more about the needs of others rather than my own. “Share Gods love with others. During this time of fasting, let me encourage you to choose a practical way that you might generously share the love of God with those in need. This fast is not about you, it’s about Christ in you and ultimately He wants to love others through you. Don’t worry about your own needs right now. Trust God to take care of you as you make yourself available to care for others.”

Gift bags. On the back of the bag, I printed that saying and used the 2″ scalloped hole punch to make it look like a sticker. I used red sparkly curling ribbon instead of the black pictured.

Items used: some items are similar to the ones I used.

Dove Beauty Cream:
HP Brochure Paper | Glossy Professional InkJet –
Dermsil Body Wash –
Hand Sanitizer Gel (4 Pack – Mini 2 oz Bottle) –
Valentine good bag –
Scalloped hole punch –
Kleenex Pocket Packs –
Pink Pen –
Journal –
Faith stickers –

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90-Day Journey…Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be..Who’s with Me?—FREE to Connect

Today I am making the commitment to start a 90-Day journey to explore the book, Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be. I can’t remember where I saw this book but it must have been important enough to me because I took a picture of it and saved it in my phone.

I am going to order my book today. Who’s with me? I would like to set up a Zoom call to discuss the book. Check out the book below.

We will start reading May 27th.

Click here to check out the book and order on Amazon

About the Book:

Proverbs 31 woman? No problem! In Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be, Partow gives women inspiration and practical direction to move them toward the goal of becoming a modern Proverbs 31 woman with purpose and passion. During this 90-day journey, readers walk the path toward better living in specific areas of life, including

– faith and spirituality
– family relationships
– health
– business
– home management
– ministry
– and more

Partow’s holistic plan includes all types of growth–physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual. The practical action steps will help readers grow in character today, even as they set attainable goals for the future.

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What’s in my Bible Tote 👜

Hi my friends! For quite some time I have wanted to create a video of what’s in my Bible Tote since several of the ladies at church always inquire about it because I keep it so organized.
This is my Bible Tote which I absolutely love! 💕 💕 I purchased it about 2 years ago from Hobby Lobby. I think the regular price was $29. I know I used the 40% off coupon however I don’t think they sell it any longer.
Bible Tote:
The inside! 💕
Women’s Devotional Bible NIV or KJV or
A closer look 👀
Zip pouch:
Prayer Cards:
My bible and daily journal. This journal is not necessarily used for Bible journaling. It is normally in my handbag during the week. It is used for capturing day-to-day notes/activities. I have several Bibles that I use. I even have a different one that I use for Bible study on Wednesday nights.
Women’s Devotional Bible NIV or KJV or

The top zipper pouch includes markers and highlighters. They are designed for Bible journaling. The little clear pouch has all of my book markers in it which I will share further down. The bottom zipper pouch keeps pens, tissue and the book marker pouch in it. On the left side is prayer cards. These are so awesome! I share them with ladies in the church and friends from time to time.
Prayer Cards:
Bookmarks: or
Stretchy Bookmarker:
Prayer Cards
Prayer Cards:
These are my book markers. Some were given to me as gifts over time. I also have page markers stickies taped in the front of my Bible. The book marker pouch was upcycled which held an old flash drive. I placed stickers on it to decorate it.
Bookmarks: or
Stretchy Bookmarker:
This little pouch is where I keep perfume, lip gloss, Lip Balm, Lotion, cash and my cell phone. I normally give online however I like to keep cash just in case I need to purchase things after service.
Zip pouch:
Lip Balm:
Lip Gloss:
Green tea hand cream:
This pocket encloses a pink plastic pouch where I keep the latest church bulletins, just in case I need to refer to them later. Also in this section, I keep a sticky note pad as well as our daily bread reading material.
Pens: or
This pouch keeps my Kindle Fire which I use sometimes instead of my Bible. The stylus pen helps with keeping my fingerprints off my screen.
Kindle Fire:
Stylus Pen:
These are just some other things that I incorporate. That is my prayer journal that I use to journal in versus journaling in my Bible. It also has my glasses, a fan, mints and a sanitary item for emergencies.
Illustrated coloring bible:
Always pads:
Eyeglasses case: or

This is me! A simply southern women after God’s own ❤️!
I hope you have enjoyed the images of what’s in my Bible Tote. Have a blessed day and stay safe and healthy!

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Early morning start: Bible Journaling

Bible verse: Psalms 119 verse 75-91

My prayer closet and a few of my supplies from this morning . Click to see my blog on how I transformed this closet into a Prayer Closet.

My early morning routine…bible journaling it allows me that time to spend with God and reflect on His word for my life. This is my prayer closet that I set up earlier last year in my guest room. I am in the process of redecorating the room to give it that serene feeling.

Bible journaling was something I also started about 2 years ago year. I went out and purchased all the supplies with hopes of hosting a workshop one day as well as creating my own inspirational journal pages which I did create the pages and will be working on another idea for a journal ..soon.

My event ended up being a vision board workshop instead of Bible journaling.

My Vision Board Workshop

God is speaking to my heart and I am enjoying this journey. Give Him all the Glory, Honor and Praise even in the midst of the storm.

Please share pics if you have a prayer closet or a war room in your home, share your bible journal as well as your comments 💞

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God is Speaking to our Heart

ONE NATION UNDER GOD! This means that GOD is at the HELM!

I started this post two days ago however God spoke to my spirit on last night and told me to tell as many as I could reach that He is very angry at how the world is operating. He advised we have to do better or we will experience famine next. He has given us chance after chance and this is our last chance. He is going to heal this land and advised that this virus served as a wake up call. We must realize that we are all human beings, we have all been very wasteful and that we must…we must.. put more love in our heart for one another.

The last time He gave me a revelation , I was disobedient and his word came forth related to someone’s healing however I had only told my husband about it and I didn’t deliver the word to the individual. This time I will be obedient. I pray that we as a nation become united as one. Regardless of the color of our skin. Regardless of democrat or republican. We are one nation under God.

My DIY Prayer Closet. Bins at the bottom are now labeled. 

Scripture: Jeremiah 24 : 1- 10

During my morning bible study, sometimes I love to just open my Bible and start reading and the scripture that I opened it to this morning came from Jeremiah 24 : 1-10. What a revelation! It is in the Word.

Now I will share the initial post….As we are asked to remain home amid the Covid-19 crisis across the globe, I want to encourage you as you begin to spend these moments with your family also take time to spend with God by praying and reading your bible. These have been days unlike ever before. We as Christians know that this is not a surprise to God. Through it all God is in control and He loves us unconditionally. We must continue to give Him all of the glory, praise and honor even as we go through this. As with any other storms, we know that there is an end and only He knows the outcome.

Image result for storms in our lives go through it
As with any other storm in our lives, He will take us through.

I recently sat in my office and reflected on life prior to Covid-19 and how the world was in such an uproar, Democrats vs. Republicans, the President vs. the world and Obama, the people vs. the President, white vs. black…against other races, you name it, there is an argument going forward. I hated to turn on the news. I just knew we could not continue to stand as a nation in such an uproar. What came to me was the famous quote, a house divided cannot stand. As an American, our house/ nation is definitely divided and we were destined for a wake- up call.

Image result for a house divided cannot stand

Amid Covid-19, I’ve recently seen an announcement of a National Day of Prayer, more individuals turning to God for guidance. We all have our own beliefs but I will continue to stand on the word of God.

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DIY with God..A Place for Prayer in my home

Hello beautiful people! If you follow, Creating the Life I Love…Together on Facebook as well as my blog, you will notice I recently shared with you, that I wanted to create a prayer space within my home. I had to pray about it because I knew I didn’t have a spare close that I could convert into something like this which is what most use.

After I prayed, later that day God revealed the location, which was in my guest room. Initially this cabinet was used for guest towels, toiletries and linen and used very little. Now when guests visit, they can utilize A Place For Prayer or it will be out of their way tucked away inside the cabinet. The inspiration came from watching a few different YouTube channels, which I enjoy doing.

It wasn’t hard to create the space due to me having mostly everything already just in different places. I actually received the vision/blueprint on Friday and was finished with the space on Sunday 10/6/19.

Original cabinet which housed supplies for my guest room.
These journals were either gifted to me or from my home library.
Books, journals, and bibles from my home library. I recently purchased two journals and planner.
This was October 6, 2019, my first night in a place for prayer in my home. I didn’t want a bulky chair in the space because I have my guest bed directly behind me. This stool fits just perfect. As I read the days devotional, it led me to pray for family. It was so profound. Of course it had me in tears. The scripture came from Psalms 105 1-3.
I attempted to find the stick up lighting to go under each shelf however I wasn’t able to so I used candles and it was just perfect. I wanted a more tranquil setting so I added a touch of turquoise which is my favorite color and reminds me of a calm place. This night I did use my phone only to play relaxation sounds. The ambience was awesome and God truly filled the space.
After the first night, I added a Bluetooth speaker and an old iPhone for WiFi which gives me access to YouTube to play relaxation sounds.
This eliminates me from having my so phone in the space to disturb me.
The box to the left has bibles in it with my scripture box on top of it. The plastic container in the middle has inspirational stickers in it and the boxes on the right have journals and divine help books.
Supplies section comprised of sticky notes, highlighters, pencils, markers, coloring pencils and pens.
This inspiration came from one that I follow on YouTube. I placed labels on my highlights which helps with highlighting in my bible or in my journal. I just need to train my brain what each color represents when I see it.
I updated the space with this prayer box I purchased from Marshall’s.
Custom bookmarks by Naomi

I hope you have enjoyed my A Place for Prayer I’m my home. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments.

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A Place for Prayer DIY..Spiritual War Room

As I continue my spiritual journey, I was inspired to create a place to pray in my home. I enjoy reading books and then sharing/gifting them to others; however, these are some that I’ve kept over the years, I guess for this time. In the movie, War Room, the women had prayer closets. I am asking God to help guide me in determining my Place to Pray space because I don’t have space to make an entire closet a prayer area. Stay tuned….

self-help books, bibles, cards, daily devotionals and journals that will go into my Place for Pray.
Other journals I’v had as well as those gifted to me.


“Father, thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness. Thank You for the power in Your Word to change my world. I choose to get into agreement with You and declare that I am blessed! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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Appointed for Divine Favor..Rain is coming!

This year will be a year to remember. I’ve had to face and make some key decisions. When things in my life get challenging, I tend to lean on Jesus even more. A few weeks ago, the choices I had to make was evident and I knew I had to do something. I weighed out my decisions and the outcomes; however, it just didn’t seem like they were in my favor. I had a spiritual warfare going on in my mind, and when that happens, I have sleepless nights and tired days. One morning, I woke up and it was like God had planted the pathway and laid it out for me. I scared me a little. I knew it was God speaking to me.

A few weeks prior, I had heard something on television or read something that said, it is okay to ask God for a financial blessing. I just never thought to do that. I always figured, if I work hard enough and do good by people, those things will come. I began to pray as I walked around my home, one thing came to mind is that I didn’t want a financial blessing due to death/insurance policy. This all tied in with the decisions I knew I would face within the next few weeks.

A week had passed, and I got this tug on my spirit again as though the decision was not final. So, I went against God’s word and decided I was going to go back and do it my way. But little did I know, He too had a plan, the final plan. I was going down a path against what my heart was feeling and the word. I was suddenly stopped in my tracks due to another restless night where a vision was laid out for me again. I shared it with loved ones around me and didn’t see how it could work but traveled down that path for a moment. I feel it was God’s way of showing me other options contrary to the initial plan and path because He knew I was going to wonder what would happen if I had done that versus going along with the plan He had already laid out for me. That journey didn’t last long. I am thankful He put the right people in my life to shed light on the alternate plan, but time was passing me by, and a final decision had to be made. From that moment, I went with the plan He originally gave me. This was through much prayer, restless nights and asking God to lead me. The vision was clear, and I knew it came from Him. I shared it with my husband who was very comfortable with the decision and it was like a heavy burden was lifted from my heart. During the entire process I had my children in mind. The scripture says, “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children” (Proverbs 13:22); however, He already knew I had them in my heart.

I am thanking God for his favor and excited about what is to come. As I read Joel Osteen’s daily devotional today, he says, you’ll have a spring in your step as you think about what blessing is coming next. It could be today. It could be tomorrow. It could be next week. Keep expecting. Keep believing. Stay focused on the fact that God has already released into your future everything you need to fulfill your destiny. Start declaring seasons of increase over your life. Declare that favor is on you and look for those appointments of divine favor! AND I RECEIVE IT!

I hope you have enjoyed my spiritual journey. Although it has been tough these last few weeks, but I thank God for His Divine Favor that rests upon my life.


Father, thank You for prearranging a good life for me. Thank You for ordering my steps and directing my path. Help me to understand Your goodness more so that I can know You and stay close to You all the days of my life in Jesus name. Amen.

Share your thoughts and comments. Tosha #BlessedToBeABlessing